Sunday, September 8, 2013

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From the whistleblowing-gone-awry department:
via Buzzfeed:
One refrain in the wake of the National Security Agency leaks is that Edward Snowden should have reported his concerns up the chain of command rather than leaking documents to the press. But the internal reporting system is seriously broken in the military. All too often when a soldier reports misconduct or illegal activity, it is swept under the rug.
Many sites are maintaining a detailed tally of the House's upcoming Syria vote:
As of Friday afternoon, there were 223 members in the “no” or “leaning no” category, more than the 217 that would be needed to sink the resolution
Apparently Obama is learning about the NSA's activities from leaks along with the rest of us. Via Techdirt again:
Regarding Syria, it's never a good sign when your own military has misgivings:
 And finally, the good folks at ProPublica liked Thursday's comic!

Anything for my heroez. As I said recently, more alliances like these are needed in journalism. Everyone involved in the NSA leaks is fighting the good fight and they should all be immortalized in song.

See you Monday!